Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Week Three Readings

During Tuesday's class, we discussed broad factors which influence (or comprise) program design and development: needs assessment, task analysis and task decomposition, DACUM, and instructional design models which integrate the findings from the NA process and generate outcomes). To prepare for our discussion next week (on learning gaps, learning targets, and college wide learning outcomes), please review the following resources:

1. Environmental scan (5 MB, .pdf) - don't read this in detail, just skim it to get a sense of the kind of information that is collected in an environmental scan. This document provides an overview of a scan of an entire college system, but a scan done at a program level may include many similar elements (i.e. student profiles, demographics, economic factors, resources, policy factors, etc).

2. Review the resources on the RRC site for College Wide Learning outcomes. In particular, review the outcomes.

3. Read this short article on performance gaps

4. Review the DACUM process. Find your field (or something close) on the RRC DACUM list.

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