Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Week 4 Reading

This next week, we'll take a slight detour from the technicality of planning and developing programs. The intent of new programs is obviously to meet a particular need by learners, industry, or society as a whole. The delivery - or teaching - component of the program should be considered during the development stage. Our focus for this week will rest on the philosophical foundations of teaching, incorporating your own philosophy of teaching into the development of programs, planning support structures for learners, and aligning outcomes, curriculum, and evaluation. As this week will be the start of your group work, continuation of portfolio and concept maps, the reading list is light. To prepare for our next class, please review the following resources:

Developing your philosophy of teaching

Bigg's SOLO Taxonomy

Perry's scheme of intellectual and ethical development

Some of the readings (particular Perry's scheme) are a bit more complex than the general discussions we've had to date. In our next lecture session, we will tie together these principles from a development perspective.

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