Sunday, March 16, 2008

Week 7

During out class this last week, our discussion turned to reading and skimming. I suspect most of us are in a similar position - there is simply too much information coming at us. We can't manage/cope with it all. While there are numerous strategies for trying to be effective in this climate, our discussion focused on skimming specifically. To that end, I've provided a few resources you might want to review:

F-Shaped pattern (reading online)


Reading strategies for deeper understanding

This week, we turn our attention to metacognition and lifelong learning. Please read the following:


Metacognition: Study Strategies

Adult Cognition and Lifelong Learning (.doc)

As you may have noticed, our last few weeks of discussion might appear to be slightly out of the typical conception of program development. In our class session this week, we'll spend time discussing how our recent readings relate to the broader theme of this course.


Len Metro said...

Hey everyone

The last adult cognition and lifelong learning link didn't work for me but I found that if you google this title and then select view as HTML you can atleast complete the reading.. hope this helps someone else ;)

Denis Korabelnikov said...

Will we deal at class 7 with "open educational resources"? This topic is on our portfolio (item 10). We did not have a chance to discuss it at class 6.